Yokoso Kagoshima! vol.4 You can enjoy a kimono experience at Kirishima-jingu


A Kimono was our first experience and leave a very good memory for us. This is Kirishima-jingu tour. The goverment of Kirishima tourism plan. We participated in "Wafuku de sanpai, burari Kirishima-jingu (worship using Japanese clothes, unexpectedly, Kirishima Shrine)". You can put on kimono and walk around the precinct freely.

Kimono experience start from choosing kimono. You can choose your favourite kimono based from the colour and various pattern. There is also a kimono of Oshima pongee that is specialty from Kagoshima prefecture. Oshima pongee is the best silk fabric which is one of Japanese pride. Oshima pongee has been called as Japanese woman's eternal admiration. You can feel the Japanese beauty and tradition here. Our muslim friends chose the kimono and obi that conform to hijab style. The staff helps you put on it skillfully while being puzzled over the first kimono. To dress a kimono well neatly, there is a little trouble, your body must strongly tightened with an obi. When you wear kimono, it will be good for your posture. (Your baggage can be kept in the changing room. You can carry your wallet and smartphone in the drawstring purse that originally presented for us by Kirishima-jingu. When you arrive at a place called "temizuya", wash your mouth and hands. There are reservoir of water and cups of dipper are available. In this case, don't let your mouth touch the ladle directly. Then, we proceeds to see the main hall of Kirishima Shinto Shrine and take many memorable photos here. We understand that Muslim prohibited to pray for god of Japan and we didn't force them to do it. I think it is important to respect and understand custom and culture of each other. Please choose your own Kimono enjoyably and walk around the precincts of a temple in nature at the Kirishima Shrine. You can feel the beauty and tradition of Japan. Kirishima-jingu


Wafuku de sanpai, burari Kirishima-jingu