Organic green tea made in Kagoshima reduces leukemia virus


Kagoshima prefecture is the second largest producer of green tea in Japan. Benifuki, a kind of green tea which made in Kagoshima has antiviral and anticancer effects. Toshito Sonoda, a professor emeritus at Kagoshima University talks about the organic green tea and it's health benefits.

When tea leaves grows, carbohydrate is created from sunlight energy by using Carbon dioxide and moisture. On the other hand, peroxide substance that has harmful effects on tea leaves is produced. In order to fight against the peroxide substance, polyphenol is produced. The peroxide substance is also made in animal's bodies due to vigorous exercise and large stress. Green tea polyphenol has an anti oxidation action.

Professor Sonoda and researchers of National Institutes of Health had conducted an experiment on the anti oxidation action of green tea polyphenol. As a result, it has been proven that green tea polyphenol has antioxidant action so neutralizes peroxide substance. Specifically, it neutralizes peroxide substance that produced by an inflammatory response of human's lymphocytes.

Professor Sonoda says, " inflammatory responses and peroxide substances are seen in the early stage of leukemia and cancer. This antioxidant action of green tea polyphenol can help prevent becoming cancer.

Professor Sonoda is also researching in antivirus action of green tea polyphenol. lymphocytes infected by the virus causes apoptosis by green tea polyphenol. cancer cells and infected lymphocytes may die because of apoptosis.

Professor Sonoda had tested how cells that infected by leukemia are diminished by green tea polyphenol. As a result, an amount of the virus of research subjects who had took in green tea capsules for 5 months decreased.

According to Professor Sonoda, an amount of green tea polyphenol dependent on the sunlight hour and the climate. If you would like to get antioxidant and anti cancer effects of green tea polyphenol, you should take leaves that harvested in the summer.

Now, a cultivation of organic green tea is active in the southern Satsuma area of Kagoshima prefecture. The soft soil of this area is made with an organic fertilizer which contains sake lees and fish meal, and clean water flowing underground. Because of this good soil, they can cultivate healthy green tea without agricultural chemicals. This green tea has a great taste and aroma.

In the end, " I hope you all drink this delicious and safe Kagoshima green tea and help your self to keep your health." Professor Sonoda says.