An idea of "mottainai" save the country! Umaji's amazing moisturizer, yuzu seed oil


Kochi prefecture is the largest producer of yuzu in Japan. Products that made from yuzu such as juice, ponzu, dressing, jam and yuzu pepper are well known. Recently, health effects of wasted yuzu seeds have found out.

Unshu-mikan (satsuma orange, which is also Japanese citrus fruits) contains a lot of helpful ingredients like flavonoids, carotenoids, coumarins and polymethoxyflavonoids. Effects on preventing osteoporosis and beauty of this fruit have reported. However, there were few researches on effects of yuzu.

Although yuzu products have became noted products of Kochi, many yuzu seeds were dumped. Mochifumi Totani, an union leader of Umaji Agricultural Association noticed a possibility of yuzu seeds. Umaji is a small village in eastern part of Kochi prefecture. 96 percent of area are forests and mountains. Population is less than a thousand.


When Umaji Agricultural Association succeeded in abstracting oils from yuzu seeds, they started researching on effects of this oils. As a result of the research, they found out that yuzu seed oils are effective in controlling an inflammation and an itch that caused by atopic dermatitis.

There are major 2 factors in causing atopy. the first one is deterioration of barrier function of the skin. It causes water transpiration of the skin, and easily gets external stimulus by allergens and bacteria. The another one is disorder of immune system. It causes chronic inflammation of skin.

Below, an experiment on animals conducted by Shunji Mizobuchi, a professor of Kochi University will be introduced. Mice which have Allergic dermatitis are used on the test.

Mice which had not applied yuzu seed oils were having dryness of the skin, dropsy and bleeding. On the other hand, mice which had applied were getting better.

Additionally, a cytodiagnosis data shows that yuzu seed oils inhibited release of histamine. Moreover, this oil has high moisturizing capacity. It is effective for not only atopy, but also senile xerosis.

Yuzu from Umaji is grown organically. please try this safe and trusted yuzu seed oils.