Fill your mouth with anthocyanin-rich crimson Apple "Kurenai no yume"


Aomori prefecture is the largest producer of the apple in Japan. "Fuji" is a kind of apples that is most often grown in Japan. This apple is born in Fujisaki Farm, an auxiliary facility for Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Hirosaki University. Origin of the name "Fuji" is Fujisaki-town.

Hirosaki University is conducting development and study of new species of apple.  "Kurenai no yume" is one of those apples and it's receiving a lot of attention now. This apple is red, not only skin but also pulp. The notable thing is that  "Kurenai no yume" has 2 functions, anti- oxidant action and suppressing absorption.

The polyphenol that is contained in "Kurenai no yume" is one and half times as many as that of other apples. The polyphenol is an ingredient of vegetation. It has astringent and bitter tastes. Also, it has anti-oxidative and anti-tumor effects. This apple contains anthocyanin, a kind of polyphenol in both skin and pulp. So, you can take in anthocyanin with peeled apple. Furthermore, bright red color will never fade even if it is heated. It's suitable for making apple juices and sweets.

Additionally, a function that suppressing a rise of blood-sugar revel is remarkable. Apples contain phlorizin. Phlorizin can control absorption of sugar. "Kurenai no yume" contains phlorizin more than "Fuji". According to a result of an examination, phlorizin which contained in "Kurenai no yume" obstructs activeness of an enzyme, α-glucosidase and let increase of blood-sugar revel gently.

In recent years, many kinds of new apples such as "Kurenai no yume"  are developed. Apples contain many helpful ingredients like dietary fiber and organic acids. Maybe there are some new discoveries to make us healthier.