Japan’s Pure Charcoal

Pure charcoal powder
Pure charcoal powder is just that: pure charcoal converted into a powder form. It is made from high purity crystalline cellulose, which itself is used as a material in medicinal products and as a food additive. Pure charcoal powder is made by heating cellulose crystals in a special electric furnace. In contrast to wood and bamboo charcoal, which may contain heavy metals such as arsenic or lead absorbed by the wood or bamboo from the soil, pure charcoal powder is quite safe. It has been reported to have high toxin absorption capabilities and improve kidney function values.

Kidney Disease Specialists Prove its Effects! Kidney Function Boosting Pure Charcoal Powder a Sensation.


Pure Charcoal Powder Absorbs and Expels Toxins That Cause Aging

Recently, AGEs, which are produced at the end of glycation, have been gaining notoriety. AGEs are harmful compounds which contribute to aging. For example, glycation of the skin creates lines, wrinkles, and sagging. In the same way, blood vessels and organs can lose functionality from glycation stress.

AGEs accumulate in our body due to postprandial hyperglycemia. Recent research has also discovered that some foods which contain AGEs also contribute to this problem. These foodborne AGEs work in tandem with AGEs made by the body to speed up aging.

Pure charcoal powder was developed based on research by a venture capital enterprise at Kanazawa Medical University. It absorbs the AGEs in food and expels them out of the body. Charcoal is known to benefit our lifestyles and health. The benefits of Japanese pure charcoal and its powder surpass those of traditional charcoal. The surface of pure charcoal is smooth and glassy, it contains a special sensor-like part called a "function group" which selectively removes only harmful substances from our bodies.


One foodborne AGE absorbing medicine is Kremezin, which is used to treat renal failure. In an experiment which compared the AGE absorption capabilities of Kremezin and pure charcoal powder, Kremezin absorbed 13.8%, while pure charcoal powder absorbed 97.6%. Pure charcoal powder also has the property of being able to absorb indoxyl, a precursor to the uremic toxin indoxyl sulfate. It can also absorb and expel harmful food additives such as preservatives and coloring agents. Experimental results show an improvement in intestinal environment after the toxins are expelled from the intestines.

Albumin Oxidation Rating, an Indicator of Atherosclerosis, Improves After One Month.

Pure charcoal powder, with its superior toxin removal effects, has drawn attention from kidney disease specialists. An experiment, conducted at the Chuo Jin Clinic in Kumamoto City, administered blood dialysis on 12 patients (10 males, 2 females, all in their 60s-70s). Patients took two doses of 180 mg pure charcoal powder capsules, with three capsules per dose at 10am and 3pm, for a total of six capsules per day. The experiment lasted for one month. Albumin oxidation was measured before the dialysis.

Albumin is the protein found in the highest quantities in our blood. It can be broken into two types: "reduced albumin," which makes blood vessels supple, and "oxidized albumin," which makes them stiff. Albumin oxidation level refers to the proportion of oxidized albumin compared to the total amount of albumin in the blood. It is a key indicator of atherosclerosis. A healthy person's albumin oxidation level is usually under 30%. The patients in this experiment had levels of 60-80% prior to dialysis. While the levels dropped slightly after dialysis, they remained rather high compared to a healthy person's levels.

The results showed that 11 out of 12 of the subjects had improved albumin oxidation levels. There was a significant decrease in the mean value, from 65.9% down to 49.1%. Significance, here, refers to a significant difference based on statistical analysis. These results strongly indicate the potential for pure charcoal powder to reduce albumin oxidation levels. Reduction of albumin oxidation levels has a huge impact. If patients with under 60% albumin oxidation have a certain rate of cardiovascular disease occurrence, then patients with levels over 60% have an occurrence rate which is five times higher.

Also Improves Creatinine Levels, an Indicator of Kidney Function.

Dr. Kazuaki Morio, head of the nephrology department of the National Disaster Medical Center, is also experimenting with pure charcoal powder. Three patients with chronic kidney diseases (two males, one female, all in their 40s-50s) took 6-8 capsules between meals for three months. Each patient's creatinine levels improved, one male's levels dropped from 2.8mg to 2.2mg, the other from 3.0mg to 2.8mg, and the female's levels dropped from 3.1mg to 2.9mg.


Creatinine levels indicate proper kidney function. Dr. Morio acknowledged the potential for pure charcoal powder to help mitigate worsening kidney function.

Like Kremezin, there are concerns that pure charcoal powder will absorb medical compounds such as those used to treat high blood pressure and hyperuricemia. People using other medicines should wait 1-2 weeks before and after taking pure charcoal powder.