An extract of bitter melon from Hirado city invented by agricultural-commercial-industrial collaborations heals psoriasis


Hirado city collects the most money under a hometown tax. It's located in a region in northwestern Nagasaki prefecture and has 34 thousands people. It was a castle town in Hirado Domain and prospered as an international trading port with China , Portugal and Holland before isolation. Recently, "Tsuru kusa" is becoming a new local specialty from Hirado city where is a prosperous city in terms of agriculture, fishery and tourism. "Tsuru kusa" is bitter melon. Health foods and skin cream which contains An extract of that have an effect on healing psoriasis was found.

Psoriasis is a skin disease, when we have a psoriasis, dirt like dandruff adhere to red rash and gradually shed. The 90 % of patients are vulgar psoriasis. It emerges because of abnormal metabolism. Steroid and vitamin D3 for local drug treatment , immunosuppressant for ingestion treatment and ultraviolet treatment are listed as a treatment.

It's necessary for curing Psoriasis to inhibit inflammation and improve metabolism. Tsuru kusa from Hirado is optimum for Psoriasis patients. Tsuru kusa some contracted farmers in Hirado cultivate without agricultural chemical contains 61 effective ingredients. Momordicin charantin Diathin lanosterol are one of the most noteworthy ingredients. The greatest feature of Tsuru kusa from Hirado is to activate cells. The cellular activation level rises 185 times as highly as that in standard reagent( L- Ascorbic Acid Phosphate Magnesium Salt n-Hydrate). That was verified in experiment with skin cell. The dermatologist takes advantage of Tsuru kusa from Hirado city for Psoriasis patients says that the cycle of metabolism improve because skin cell is repaired and momordicin has an effect on anti-inflammatory action. In addition, Tsuru kusa from Hirado city has antioxidative effect and antidiastatic action. It leads to relieving the increase of reactive oxygen.

An in use clinical trial about cancer treatment is performed at present at Reserch Center for Innovative Cancer Therapy, Kurume University. It's almost the future that a new local specialty from Hirado city by agricultural-commercial-industrial collaborations in Nagasaki prefecture helps Psoriasis patients.