The pear vinegar which is made in Tottori Prefecture


Twenty Century pear (Asian pear) known about as the representative kind of Aonashi. It's Tottori prefecture that there is most production. The elegant sweetness and the refreshing taste are popular and are also exported to foreign countries as pear of a top quality product. Do you know "pear vinegar" which is made in Tottori Prefecture ?

Among Twenty Century pears harvested 24,000 tons a year in Tottori prefecture, approximately 10% were discarded as the standard outside. Those are used as a fertilizer, But it's disposed of in Okayama prefecture. Local producer and Tottori University continued collaborating it to utilize a discarded pear out of the standard effectively. It was pear vinegar that apple and a grape took fruit vinegar as a model and were born. An ingredient as "galacturonic acid" is included in the pear vinegar brewed by a traditional process richly. I was finding out that an ingredient as the pectin included in Twenty Century pear is taken apart by the process with which pear vinegar is made and is made. It's an ingredient only of the pear vinegar which ishardly included" in other fruit vinegar.

Mr. Kazuo Higashi of Tottori University department of agriculture aimed at the galacturonic acid which suppresses an inflammation in the body. He sets up the hypothesis that pear vinegar is useful for improvement of ulcerative colitis and have initiated an experiment using a mouse. Ulcerative colitis is the sickness an inflammation causes in a mucous membrane of large intestines. The loose bowels and bloody stool happen and when they have serious illness, the symptom of the fever, the weight decrease and the anemia appears. Ulcerative colitis was a lot of sickness in Europe and America, but the number of patients is also increased in Japan in recent years.

Mr. Higashi shared a mouse of ulcerative colitis with 3 groups as "the crowd who gives and raises an aqueous solution including pear vinegar" "the crowd who gives and raises an aqueous solution including other fruit vinegar" "the crowd who gives and raises an aqueous solution not including fruit vinegar" and made an experiment. After the condition of the ulcerative colitis was confirmed 6 days later, pear vinegar showed that a sore in the large intestines is improving. The mouse by which site Cain who shows the high numeric with an inflammation (IL-6) was drinking pear vinegar compared with other groups, too indicated the low numerical value. You'd be able to call inflammatory improvement a suggested result. He tells that we should take 150 ml of pear vinegar a day.

It's possible to mix pear vinegar of the mellow taste with water and hot water like other fruit vinegar and drink. Mr. Higashi's recommend is to put pear vinegar in milk. The sour taste is suppressed moderately and it's said that they tend to drink recently. An active ingredient doesn't deteriorate by heating, so You can use pear vinegar as seasoning. You'd be able to call pear vinegar the healthy food it's possible to introduce to eating habits casually.